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Texans vs Ravens Week 1 Game Thread

idk if that was just you giving out good information regarding an injury or directed at me..but I was thinking more along the lines of preseason to start the season....its gonna be a rough time span before they all get healthy and we actually get to play w/ our true starters and see what we have then...
It was posted for general info.
I thought the oline started off god awful in the first quarter, then played serviceably until Fant went down. Idk but we need to get some of those dudes healthy ASAP.
You're being a little ridiculous here imo. Go back and watch the play there's not a cornerback in the league who comes close to stopping that TD

Could be. But don't dance by without making contact.
I haven't seen Clowney play that well in a long, long time. He doesn't have the stats, but he was a game wrecker today. Overrall, Texans plays about like I thought. I think that defense has tremendous upside and played well. CJ was under constant pressure and was even today. They had some costly penalties at crucial times that they have to clean up.