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Texans Offensive Line

I believe fans submit the articles. Porky had a couple of pieces that were posted there, if I’m not mistaken.
I think Porky indicated that he had to go through a screening of some sort? Perhaps it is just another message board...
I think Porky indicated that he had to go through a screening of some sort? Perhaps it is just another message board...
I think that @Porky article had to be accepted. Maybe he can shine some light on the process.
Hi all,

I'm now a contributor over at the Toro Times. Please take a look at my first posting over there. Comments are welcome. No tomatoes or eggs. And no wrapping my house in TP. Those are all forbidden!

Ok let me dive a little deeper. The parent company of Toro Times has a site for virtually every pro team out there....some colleges too IIR. They also have websites for people into celebrity culture, etc.

They want SME (subject matter experts) that are also good writers to generate content for these sites. You can't just submit something. It's a whole process to become a paid contributor including training, etc. You have to submit writing samples, write a proposed article for the publication you're trying to join, and be vetted in various ways.

Some people do it for fun. A few try to use it as a gateway to a real gig, and some I guess are simply gluttons for punishment. But nobody does it for money. You'd starve if money is the motivation.

You get paid X amount per thousand's very, very low. Some articles might get 1k clicks. Others might attract 20K clicks - the high achievers. The more clicks = more money they can pull from advertisers. So the entire (and I mean entire) focus is on creating content that draws clicks, with a particular focus on headline creation that is on the sensational side. This is often called "clickbait".

Texans make dynamic trade with Rams to add offensive horsepower. - You open it wondering who this amazing addition is only to find out it's a ST guy.

That's an example. I quit in relatively short order for several reasons:

1) I'm not in alignment with the stated goal. I wanted to produce real journalism (something like Texans Chick does), not simply write content to bait people into clicking
2) The pay is atrocious, which I knew, but that goes back to the first one. I thought, well, maybe I can make $10-$20 per article, and I can work my way into something better. I think I made like $2.00 on my first one and I spent several hours on it...only to get thrown back at me for corrections, and then spent a couple more hours on it. Not exactly motivating.
3) I would submit something; they always wanted corrections, which is fine, but their formatting is very limiting. It's all cookie-cutter down to exact formatting online. There's no freedom whatsoever. I found it creatively confining and not in alignment with my goals.
4) I was in the middle of starting my digital marketing/website design business, which limited my availability. And all while still maintaining a FT job with a major media company doing IT work. So, which one can I focus on? The one where I make $5 and spend hours doing so? That's illogical. So, I had to toss one...and you can guess which one went.

For certain people, none of this may be an issue. I'm not bad-mouthing the company. There's merit there, but it's not my cup of tea. But someone that has a lot of spare time and loves to write and is damn good at it...and has enough technical ability to go onto their website CMS and upload articles directly to the website...go for it. Hope this overview helps!