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Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans. 9/15. Noon. CBS. **Official Liberty White Thread**

That was good coverage by McCain. He couldn't have done any better. That was just a damn good catch and throw by the Titans.
Yeah i cant grt on mccain for that...heckuva pitch and catch by locker and wright....wont be there all day...we'll get a few picks off that if they keep throwing that out route like that.
Nice return off the penalty kick. Hopefully we can do a more normal Texan drive and give the D a breather and let them regroup.
Question, the run by Battle, is he allowed to lead with the helmet, was'nt this one of the things changed this season ?
McCain isn't physical enough. The coverage was good, but he allowed the catch. Jar the ball loose. Pin the guys arms so he can't control the catch. Knock the ball out. A lot of fast little guys can blanket receivers but good corners break catches up once the ball arrives. What use is blanketing a guy if you can't be physical and break passes up when the ball arrives?

This is the nfl. Being close to a guy isn't enough. Guys are tool talented. Break the pass up.
That was all on Foster. Protection was going left and he was supposed to PA to fill the gap. Went the wrong way. Wasted that drive.