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Sexual Assault Suits Against Watson


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Thanks. I've been lurking the whole time, but haven't had the time or desire to get involved with all the whining that's been going on. It seems like most would rather focus on the negative rather than look for the positive. This is a tough year, but I love the "take no prisoners" attitude of Caserio. The man can cut dead wood like a veteran tree topper. lol
Spot on

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Well, if the judicial system would allow the court of public opinion to handle that backlog…..it could be done in 2 to 3 weeks. I think a lot of us saw how fast Watson was found guilty and that is nothing more than pure impressive.


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I'd like to see a source.

And are we mixing traffic with criminal law? I understand there's a back log. Everyone has a back log. Maybe I'm splitting hairs here but courts are finally getting back in session. Judges are essentially time serving most misdemeanors on the spot.

The devil's in the details. Cases filed vs cases pending trial should be the focus of attention here. Harris County da's have ALWAYS been backlogged and their approach has always been the same. They approach cases like an investment broker...

They review each file for 45 seconds and create 3 stacks of paperwork:


I don't believe for a second the prosecute (trial) stack adds up to 50k. Not close.

The actual number of cases filed is arbitrary and doesn't actually affect any prosecuting attorney imo.
Harris County Will Hire 3 Visiting Judges To Help Reduce A 100,000-Case Criminal Court Backlog
The judges, who should be in place by the end of August, will work on some of the most intractable cases in the county’s criminal court backlog.

Andrew Schneider | Posted on July 20, 2021, 12:37 PM


Local Criminal Court Backlog Likely To Keep Growing As Pandemic Surges

Schaefer Edwards August 26, 2021 5:00AM

Idea to reduce backlog by dismissing thousands of felony cases proves too far for Harris County
Zach Despart, Samantha Ketterer, HOUSTON CHRONICLE Staff writers
Sep. 19, 2021Updated: Sep. 19, 2021 10:11 p.m.

The number of criminal cases pending before Harris County courts stands at more than 94,000.

That includes 41,000 misdemeanors and 53,000 felonies, numbers so high that if prosecutors stopped filing criminal charges tomorrow, it would take misdemeanor judges a year to clear their dockets; felony judges would need 19 months, based on their average pace for closing cases since 2017.


'It creates three additional district criminal courts' | State lawmakers hoping new bill will fix criminal court backlog

“If we stay in our current set up, it will take us 15 years. If we add these courts, we can get out of this backlog in a little over two," Rep. Johnson said.

Author: Janelle Bludau

Published: 10:14 PM CDT October 13, 2021

Updated: 10:14 PM CDT October 13, 2021

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It was locked by accident and to keep the discussion in its place , we're reopening it.
Now move it to a non football forum. Even though it's about a football player (or at least used to be a football player) nothing about this thread is football related. There's already a thread for the football related stuff regarding Watson.