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Injury Thread


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What can we expect from Cole in 2020? Is he just insurance in 2021 if we trade a LB?
Dont expect much and you wont be disappointed.

He's the coverage LB this team is missing. Like the rest of the team if he can stay healthy he could be part of an improved defense.

Somebody mentioned the offense and defense both could be much improved or both could be much worse depending on health.


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From Jan 24:
Conley has just undergone what is reported as a minor procedure consisting of "removal of a screw from his ankle." Back in Nov 2017, while with the Raiders, Conley was originally diagnosed as severe "shin splints." However, after not being able to stay on the field and going through prolonged conservative treatment, he was finally taken to surgery where surgery was performed for what would turn out to be a tibial stress fracture. Usually, these fractures are repaired with a plate with screws, or a rod with screws to keep it from moving. Screws are usually not removed unless they cause pain or become loose or infected. Why a screw was in the ankle is a little curious unless the the fracture was very low on the tibia and the plate extended to the ankle

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or he actually had a high ankle sprain/fibula fracture in addition to the tibial stress fracture.

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This is one procedure that can indeed be considered "minor." The removal of a screw from any of these applications should result in a quick easy non-eventful recovery.
From July 31:
Conley has been placed on PUP. He had "minor" surgery to remove screws from his ankle in Jan. It's somewhat curious that all is not completely healed if that is all that was performed.

Texans cornerback Gareon Conley is making steady improvement in his recovery from offseason ankle surgery.

The starting defensive back remains on the active-physically unable to perform list, but his rehabilitation is progressing.

"Gareon, while he did have surgery, he is starting to feel better.," Texans defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver said. "I know he’s on PUP right now but he’s champing at the bit to get back out there. He’s already coming up to me asking about when we can watch film together so he can know what I’m thinking when I’m making play calls and things of that nature."

"Feeling better"??? "Making steady improvement in his recovery from offseason surgery"??? "His rehabilitation is progressing"???

All I can say at this point is that there must be more to this story than a "minor" ankle surgery in January involving only removal of screws. Bones after such a procedure should be well-healed after only 6 weeks.................not 6 months. The removal of screws is indeed a "minor" procedure, but the reason for removal of the screws (such as late infection/osteomyelitis or extrusion of the screws through the skin) may be the complicating factor.................or even a postoperative complication such poor bone healing of the screw holes leaving the bone weak, or even a postoperative soft tissue wound or bone infection.

Many possibilities, but evidently Conley is demonstrating a "major" recovery period for a supposedly "minor" surgery.
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Texans' latest OT signing Jerald Hawkins tore his quadriceps tendon during OTA practice of his rookie year (4th rounder) June 2018.............it required surgery.............he essentially missed the next 2 seasons, appearing in only 1 game. At best, appears to be depth.

Around 50% return from this injury...............1st-3rd rounders most likely to return...............for those that manage to return can average ~40 games.......................Hawkins has yet to prove that he is in the "return" group.