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Game 10...Win The Trenches...Baltimore Ravens!


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Offensive line is horrible today but somehow it’s all on Watson. Funny.
That's what happens when a QB runs into 3 sacks in the 1st half and consistently holds the ball too long. Not saying the OL is playing great, but Watson certainly isn't helping them out. Hyde seems to be running the ball pretty well behind the OL. Watson needs to make them pay by hitting the deep ball like he did the 1st series minus the PI non call.
I'm definitely interested in the tape after this game. I'm curious how many plays are dead in the water vs how many DW4 needs to improve on reading a blitz vs how many plays were because the line got blown up and there was nothing you can do. I feel like I'm seeing a combo of all 3 but all the blame will go to just one person


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These are the games hat make me wonder if Watson can play great for 3 games in a row in the playoffs. Sorry UR

I've still got my doubts but hopefully he will learn or this franchise is screwed for another 5 or more yrs.
Is it OB or Watson. Did OB have to much time to think with the week off.

Yeah only way to win SB is to be good 3-4 weeks straight


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Tell me what adjustments you want him to make? Be specific

The Te's and RB's are open in the flats/middle of the field and Watson is holding he ball too long. My adjustment would be to line Nuk/Fells up on the same side of the field and have Fells run a crossing route and Nuk a slant behind it from the same of the field.
With the score where it is, I'd put McCarron in and see if he can hit the short game.