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Game 10...Win The Trenches...Baltimore Ravens!

Uncle Rico

Ur apology should be as loud as Ur disrespect was
I’m done Watson and the rest of the team **** the bed today. Poorly prepared. Poorly adjusted. Poorly coached and poorly executed.

Let the Watson vultures come out play and enjoy and bask in his failure it’s been a while for them.
if I am DW4 I am going straight to owner for a face to face meeting. if they don't get rid of OB right away. ask for a trade. no GM. trash coach. no way DW4 can win anything with this staff
I think Deshaun is going to take responsibility on his play. He doesn't strike me as one to blame the coaching staff or anything


Lamar freakin Jackson completes 14 straight passes? Wow Lamar Jackson...not Montana, Lamar Jackson! Lol
I said it to the lead up of this game. The entire strategy of making him throw, because he somehow sucks at it, is bunk. The man can throw. It's his throwing that sets up his running lately. Every team comes out 8 in the box and he starts hitting throws and they back up. Then his legs work.


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We are in WIN NOW mode with no first round pick for the next two years.

We need to sign Watson and tunsil to massive extensions.

Not a good look.
We don’t need to sign Watson. According to some he’s the problem, even though I’ve seen this same song and dance for 6 years regardless who’s under center.


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And here we go with this can Watson play three good games. Bwhahaha how about can Bill O'Brien call three great games in a row? Can Bill Obrien and staff put together three great game plans in a row. Yes Watson, the offensive line, and the defense played like straight up boo boo. But come on man stop trying to place blame on one player. The Ravens are hitting us with an all out blitz and the darn OC hasn't tried to counter yet. Darn RAC isn't even trying to blitz Lamar at all. Just letting this youngster have his freaking way.
I know I'm in the minority but I definitely prefer close losses to blow outs. Blow outs just ruin my day and the whole game. Close losses I can come with something good out of it. A loss is a loss, just like a win is a win but this is miserable


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Ok, caught up. Just got back in from the movie, Ford vs Ferrari. I seen the movie by myself Saturday and was telling everyone how outstanding it was.....then my wife decided she wanted to see it tonight. Great, even on the 2nd night.

Got in and saw the score was 14-0 and the 3rd QTR was underway. Baltimore made it look too easy. Jackson looks unstoppable. Texans have looked sloppy the entire 3rd QTR.

OK, they're looking good on this drive. C'mon Texans, stick a TD on the board to start the 4th QTR.


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OB, why would you leave Watson in the game risking a season or career ending injury rather than put AJ Mcarron in the game??? You are down 27 pts, it’s fourth quarter, Waston has been ineffective and had ankle rolled....hummmm?? Really OB, is this what you would call good coaching/GM decisions?