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Game 10...Win The Trenches...Baltimore Ravens!


Tunstil moved like a fire hydrant on that sack. Time for him to start working off those 2 #1's and that #2 and whatever else we paid for him.


Hall of Fame
Now Lonnie is hurt. Great. If Balt goes up 28-0 it’s time to wave the white flag and pull Watson and get AJ some reps. Terrible performance today from top to bottom. Extremely disappointed but certainly not surprised. Lucy pulls the football again nothing new.
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Uncle Rico

Ur apology should be as loud as Ur disrespect was
Maybe the next time OBrien is on his period he won’t cut one of the best defensive players on the team over some future event like an emotional hag.


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5 defenders bust through the line and the Texans Talk logic is:

“Durrrrrr why can’t WAtSoN see the guy open on the opposite side of the field durrrrrrr he is the reason we’re losing durrrrrrrrr”
And you’re surprised by this? Been that way for years and years.


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The Texans will win their weak division and another meaningless Division Championship banner will be hoisted at NRG. Texans will get drubbed once again in the playoffs.

BOB will continue to be head coach. Texans will increase season ticket costs and the marketing team will come up with more clever game day entertainment activities such as overweight moms throwing footballs, people dressing up like hamburgers and fan photo car races.


Loose Screw
Defense can’t set the edge or stop that same little BS play in the flat. Secondary is dead again. Can’t make this up.