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Game 10...Win The Trenches...Baltimore Ravens!


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Right now it seems as if we're expecting the shots down the field to save us.
Here's a novel idea, short passing routes have actualy given us several first downs... why did we stop?
Yes OBrien has gone back to having Watson just take a big hit as he passes to a slow developing route to beat the blitz.

I thought we were done with that crap
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That was far less a pass interference then the one that wasn't called against the Ravens in the first quarter.
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This is embarrassing why does this **** keep happening
It's hard for bad and mediocre organizations to get to the next level because at the end of the day it all starts from the top down. There's a reason teams like the Bengals haven't won a playoff game in 30 years despite having some solid teams, Browns are always bad and on the flip side Ravens are never terrible their bad season is like 8-8.


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Not making excuses for Watson, but the OL has been horrible today. The Ravens are one of the worse pass rushing units in the league. The protection has to be better. We HAVE to take shots down the field, we can't rely on dink & dunk every play.
Watson holding onto the ball too long is making the OL look worse than it is. Not that the OL is having a great day,

Watson just threw a horrible pass.