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Game 10...Win The Trenches...Baltimore Ravens!


Hall of Fame
I love this OB at fault, slow developing pass play mantra.

The short game is there. Watson doesn't want it. His eyes are downfield, he is playing hero ball.

So far is on Watson, not OB.
Sad but true. Very surprising. I went into this think OB wouldn’t have this team prepared.

Everyone is except Watson.


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Watson is playing like dog diarrhea doo doo today as well but the gam plan isn’t doing him any favors. It’s both plan and execution. Both guilty as charged.

Big Lou

Warr Pig
if the XFL was smart they would implement some kind of fast moving instant replay. Fans are tired of these dumb ass officials that overt impact games. Everyone hated the replacement officials a while back but the only difference between the regular officials and replacements was that the regular officials acted more confident with their sh!tty calls....


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I just don't understand why would he go back to that type of offense. Especially when the other one was working great.
Because the Ravens are making Watson throw from the pocket. In the 1st series they showed they were going to take away short stuff and make Watson beat them over the top from the pocket.