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BADBOY'S 2022 draft and trades


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Of course he would be eligible to be traded per the CBA..having said that..NFL imo already has enough to move DW out of NFL. I don't understand why it has not unless Goodell knows more than many thinks he does. RG could avoid a lot by kicking W out of NFL; improves image, saves McNair bouceaup money and pleases many fans. Still, he hasn't. We know he is definitely not afraid or concerned about the Players Association.

What some posters have said that did not happen is more than I care to post now. However for example just this weekend one poster said that W has no trade value and then contradicted that by saying that at least two teams have been contacting the Texans weekly.

It has also been said that no team would be interested in trading for W even if the civil claims are resolved and the legal claims do not resolve in confinement. Yet we also have many alleged insider sources claiming more than two teams have contacted Houston.
Another whose name skips me for now has repeatedly said no team would want him for face of team yet same sources keep saying opposite.

Last week We were assured that criminal indictment would happen immediately by one of our legal Minds. Still waiting...
Like I've said before God'ell is waiting until LEO/DA releases their findings before he takes action. See: Roethlisbeger/Elliott/Hill/Rice etc... as a guide.

There will be no trades until the legal stuff is settled. A GM would be fired on the spot if say, Roseman traded three 1sts for this POS and he was convicted and sentenced to say 40 yrs. Contacted? yes, serious trade talks? Nope. It's called doing due diligence on the part of interested GM's.

Posters were going off of past history when predicting when these indictments would go down. (Not me) Unfortunately with this POS celebrity past history doesn't apply.

Just know this, the wheels of justice move very slowly, but justice will eventually be served, whether this POS is found guilty or not.


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I enjoy "deals".

Detroit will go now with Goff as starter and he will disappoint. His 2020 stats of 552/3952 20 TDs but 13 INTs will bring offers as his base for 2022 is just under $11m. PFF was 71.4 and a team needing a good but not great QB that has an oline should offer something for 2022.

Watson will be on field by 2022.

Texans get Lions round ones in 2022 that I project as 1.2 and 1.29 plus OT Penei Sewell and 2020 corner Jeff Okudah. Detroit drafted Sewell as BPA but were surprised when neither Miami or Bengals selected him. Watson is worth this package going into the 2022 season.

Eagles seeing Watson gone with Houston perhaps taking Howell with the first pick decide to trade up for that pick. Sure, by next year other QBs may be enticing but for now IMO he is only one worthy of a top 5 pick. Having said that, Eagles also will be aware that other teams needing a star play-caller could LeapFrog them to accomplish the same thing with Houston. We know from the recent draft that I am not only one capable of unexpected moves in round one.

Philly gets 1.1 3300 points
Texans get 1.4 1800 1.20 850 & 1.22 780= 3430

1.2 +1.4+1.20+1.22+1.29

If another quarterback is another Zach Wilson , I can see Houston trading down from 1.2 to pick up other selections.
I am beginning to think that Detroit would be a better place than Philly to make a deal. My source is now tell me that Eagles wide receiver Devonta Smith has had his second leg injury in the short preseason.