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2019 1.23 TYTUS HOWARD OT Alabama State

Are you happy with our first round pick?

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Uncle Rico

Ur apology should be as loud as Ur disrespect was
To think these idiot coaches thought he was a GUARD!! LMAO

He could have been our left tackle and saved us all those picks, but Buttchin is gonna Buttchin.


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To think these idiot coaches thought he was a GUARD!! LMAO

He could have been our left tackle and saved us all those picks, but Buttchin is gonna Buttchin.
They tried him at LT and discovered he wasn't a LT. But hey, you've already said you know more than 30 year OL coach Paul Alexander, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that you still think you're the smartest man in the room.


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Wow @Tim_McManus just now on the Mike Missanelli show said he's heard whispers that the Eagles could be looking to use Andre Dillard as a means of dumping Alshon Jeffrey's contract. Thinks the fact Eagles seem very interested in bringing back Jason Peters tells you a lot.
— Play Like A Jet (@Playlikeajet1) March 2, 2020
@Jeff_McLane’s reporting also indicates the Eagles don’t believe Andre Dillard is ready to take over at LT and Jason Peters is still playing at a Pro Bowl level. https://t.co/woZIfkxks6

— Brandon Lee Gowton (@BrandonGowton) March 1, 2020
Jason Peters
The 38-year-old tackle told reporters after the season finale that he wanted to play in 2020. Nothing over the last two months has changed his mind. The Eagles, however, have yet to decide if they want him back. As it was put to Pederson on Tuesday, it’s an either/or choice: Either the Eagles bring back Peters for his 12th season in Philadelphia or they allow him to leave via free agency, thus beginning the Andre Dillard tenure at left tackle. Peters isn’t staying to be a backup or to play guard. He will have starting options if he hits the market. Eagles coaches believe that Peters still has more than enough gas left in the tank. They believe that he played at a Pro Bowl level in the final two months of last season after he returned from arthroscopic knee surgery. They do understand that he is unlikely to play in all 16 games or more than the 77 percent of snaps he has played the last two years.

Another year with Peters would allow Dillard to watch and learn and likely play enough to continue his development. He hasn’t made as much progress as the Eagles had hoped when they moved up to draft him in the first round last year. Dillard needs to get stronger, both physically and mentally. Eagles coaches still believe in Dillard. He has the necessary athleticism. But bringing Peters back, despite the message it would send about Dillard’s future, would give the 24-year-old some additional time in an NFL culture he struggled to adapt to as a rookie. Ideally, Dillard would have made it obvious that it was time to move on from Peters. He did not. And what can’t be underplayed is the role owner Jeffrey Lurie will play in deciding a future Hall of Famer’s future. He is Peters’ greatest advocate. But Peters can’t ask for the moon. A contract similar to the one he signed last offseason – one year, $6 million with incentives – could make the most sense for both sides.


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Also interesting with Peters is he will eat up some of the salary cap that Eagles have been talking about using for cornerback Byron Jones. He sort of has Philly over a barrel also and may not settle for 6 million dollar deal