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Week 17 Game Thread: Texans vs Titans

Would I be more clear if I said you are not the only one to make comments that others find insensitive?
Got ya. Sometimes my reading comprehension fails me. I should have understood what you were saying with the word monopoly. It seems people find more reason to take offense to things than they used to. Having grown up in a different time when people weren't so easily offended I just have a harder time stepping over that mine field.
I know all about black eyed peas. Sorry for my insensitivity in finding it funny.

I know Menudo the band is the last thing on your mind. Let badboy know how you feel. I am sure he meant no offense and it is likely he would apologize.
Most definitely I apologize! Didn't mean to be or thought I was insensitive. I closely watched for 51's reaction which was emoji of laughter. I enjoyed music of Menudo a Puerto Rican band. Still like Ricky Martin. Not fond of the stomach soup due to onions and red peppers. Tried more than once but my stomach revolts.
I eat blackeye peas regularly.. and fart regularly.

Again I am sorry if offended 51.