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TexansTalk Official Rules - Updated


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If you're not allowed to discuss the price of gas, inflation, and the economy in a NON - FOOTBALL TOPIC FORUM, that pretty much tells you what side of the fence some moderators are sitting on.
It should tell people that the mods have outlined rules that no politics will be discussed and we (I too am guilty) always take the conversation to politics when discussing the price of gas, inflation, and the economy.

Because we cannot help ourselves the mods have to step in.

That’s what it should tell people.


Guard your tongue before it digs your grave.

It tells you nothing. They're neutral. But folks like you push the envelope nonstop on every thread. I dont give a damn about right or left leanings. You perceive some slight because maybe they didn't opt your way. How bout we just get a f'ing story with facts instead of a political interpretation?