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Lot of those deals haven't been finalized due to physicals …. most likely why its not listed anywhere officially.
Timmy Jernigan has been known as a run-stuffer since arriving at the league in 2014 with Baltimore. He has made his way in the NFL that way with Philadelphia but 2019 was littered with injuries. He is going to have to show he is healthy but with the team unable to take a look at players due to the COVID-19 situation and his deal with the Texans will be complete when he takes a complete physical.


Hall of Fame
From McClain's Facebook Texans Mailbox:

What should we expect from Tim Kelly? Are we getting another Godsey, or will we get to see him really put his own touch on this offense? -@JJHOU99

Tim Kelly is going to interesting to watch as his first season as the play-caller. We know he was the offensive coordinator last season but did little play-calling during the season. During practice and training camp, Kelly would be on the radio calling plays into Deshaun Watson, so Bill O'Brien has used a full season to prep Kelly for this upcoming season.

Here is the biggest difference between former coordinator George Godsey and Kelly. Godsey was brought to the Texans after being the tight ends coach with New England, where he and O'Brien spent the 2011 season together. That is less than a season together, and the next time they coached together, O'Brien hired him as the quarterback coach three years later.

O'Brien didn't know enough about Godsey just used a small snapshot of their time, less than a calendar year, to build their relationship. It did not last long after Godsey was named offensive coordinator and had his play-calling duties stripped early in the 2015 season.

Kelly has been with O'Brien since the 2012 season at Penn State as a graduate assistant. Since arriving at the Texans, Kelly has been the offensive quality control coach, assistant offensive line coach, tight ends coach, quarterback coach, and now the offensive coordinator.

Going into his ninth season next to O'Brien, Kelly has learned everything that O'Brien wants as a head coach and, more importantly, brought his ideas to the table.

The biggest factor is that O'Brien has trusted Kelly for nearly a decade to be on his staff earning his trust. Now, after passing the trial by fire, Kelly's time is to show what he has learned up O'Brien.