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**Official Game-Day Thread** Texans at Patriots- 7:25 PM Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016!!


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Our special teams will not allow us to be a competitive team. If I was the coach I would say Always take a knee if the ball is kicked in the end zone.


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Jesus here we go. Anyone want to go back and tell me how wrong I was about being nervous about this game?

False Start

On # 69
James could have sat down Indian style and fired up a bowl, and it still Would have been overturned. This is prime time in New England That's just the way the NFL rolls.


Common BOB, your supposed to be a hard nose coach and you have a team playing like a bunch of dump f-Ing p-ssies. Can't block or tackle. Half time speech better be epic.


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This sorry ass garbage. A team that is this depleted is outplaying the Texans like this? They must be reading the same sunshine on this message board. Just embarrassing.

Big Lou

Clean house!!!!
What a bunch of dumbasses. 3rd string rookie QB kicking our ass. Guess I won't be staying up to finish this disaster.

Let's see if we have the balls to answer on the next drive if the returner doesn't it hand it back to the coverage team.


Mathematically Possible
We should get us one of those running bac.... err QB's.

Honestly same old Texans so far, pressure goes up... brains go off (including if not mostly the coaching staff).

We will see if BoB can pull it together and change things up. If not just another blow out loss to a 3rd string QB.