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Injury Thread


It seems that Tunsil's original injury was a Grade I MCL. He apparently had a setback with swelling and inflammation of his knee. As I've posted previously, there may be something additional going on such as a floating fragment of cartilage (whether meniscus or articular cartilage) within the joint space that is causing an element of grinding of the articular joint cartilage........and thus resulting in swelling and inflammation.

The Texans medical staff (as do some others) now more than ever try to accelerate rehab in order to get players back on the field. In doing so, they tend to bypass probably the most important stage of rest. If you return too soon, you may worsen your injury and lead to extended damage. Everyone recovers from injury at a different rate. When you return to your sport or activity will be determined by how soon your knee recovers, not by how many days or weeks it has been since the injury occurred. In general, the longer you experience symptoms, the longer it will take to get better.

A brace is not likely to affect inflammatory changes caused by too early hard "rehab."


His MCL which he suffered in Sept was never given time heal. He played through it throughout the season. This led to fragmentation of his meniscus with the loose particles in turn damaging the articular surface resulting in repeated knee swelling and fluid buildup requiring surgery.

We will find out if Tunsil underwent a meniscus trim vs repair when we see when he returns to play. Trim will be a 4-6 week return. Repair will be 4-6 months. Tunsil underwent surgery in Feb.
Good news! But the publicity by Wilson/Texans is over the top with "way ahead of schedule."

Tank suffered an isolated distal fibula fracture. NFL players experiencing this injury have an average 3 months to full return. Tank, having suffered that fracture on Dec. 3, is not experiencing a remarkable recovery/rehab at 3 1/2 months post injury.

:um:Don't have any idea what "he developed a small hole between the knee and the patellar tendon" means?

And offensive lineman Tytus Howard, who’s expected to return to his natural right tackle position, is on track to return by training camp, per Ryans. Howard underwent surgery on his left knee after the injury worsened to the point where he developed a small hole between the knee and the patellar tendon, per league sources.

“Tytus is recovering,” Ryans said. “He’s doing well. We should get him back for training camp.”