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Injury Thread


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No word yet on V Taylor. Getting an MRI today for the ankle. Some are reporting he could be out for week two. That actually sounds positive

During the game, I commented to my friend that it looked like Taylor suffered a high ankle sprain. The only ankle surgery besides a simple cleanout which I doubt being the case since he has no history of previous ankle injury/surgery, that would be out for only 6 weeks(still likely to not see the game field for 8 weeks) would be a "tightrope" surgery for a high ankle sprain.

The newer "tightrope" procedure allows the high ankle separation to be stabilized in a flexible manner, keeping the natural motion between the tibia and fibula. Since the fixation is flexible, there is no need for a second surgery to remove the metal hardware. Keep in mind that return to play for the classic screw fixation can be expected to be 3-6 months.

Classic repair:


Tightrope repair:


Not really bloody in-surgery VIDEO