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David Johnson... welcome to houston


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That's almost comical.

This is what I have been stating for the last month and someone has argued with me every whicha way how it doesn't matter!

Oh , I can't stop laughing.
I don't even know what your points are, or what you're trying to prove.
I've said many times that I totally disagreed with O'Brien on the contracts he gave Watson and Tunsil, among others.


Hall of Fame
David Johnson's yards per attempt so far:
Game 1 = 7.0 (11)
2 = 3.09 (11)
3 = 1.77 (13)
4 = 3.95 (16)
5 = 5.65 (17)
6 = 3.0 (19)
7 = 3.0 (14)

Texans rushing total through 7 weeks = 594. Their opponents = 1161.
Well to be fair he didn't run against our defense. McClain said he is on pace for 1,000. Hey, that's all I got. :user:


Just win baby!!!
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▪ Texans RB to miss minimum of 3 weeks after suffering concussion in win over Jaguars ▪ Duke Johnson to start vs. Browns https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/texans-place-david-johnson-on-injured-reserve-duke-johnson-to-start-vs-browns-in-week-10/ via cbssportsapp.com
I know he didn’t get a flag, but does anyone know if that dude got fined by the NFL?

that was helmet to helmet, leading with the crown of his head on a defenseless receiver. & DJ has a serious concussion to prove it.


Curious if he can be a good player at a somewhat different position. Remember Frank Wychek (sp). Johnson is a similar build and a better catch and run player than a RB. Meaning he can be a hybrid of a RB/FB/WR/TE. Just an idea seeing I saw the way Frank was used and it made me think about Johnson. Seeing if he is in the open field catching he is very dangerous.