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Brandin Cooks to the Texans


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If Uncle Rico actually believed thick skin was mandatory for this site, he would not have half of the posters on his ignore list.
Great post

There is definitely a double standard on this MB. I've talked to some of the posters that dont post much if at all here anymore and they have moved on because of what this MB has turned into.

Uncle Rico

Ur apology should be as loud as Ur disrespect was
People feeling left out!!

Thats sad - so, so sad.

I think i'll have another donut!

Whats up to all the cool dudes who never had to resort to cheap, personal insults to make their point even when debating a contrarian opinion!!!

This Krispy Kreme is for you!! LOL


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Can we all just get along. Lol yes some things are a overkill but sometimes the ignore function is the way to go.

And Thunder said attack the post not the poster.


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#texans WR Brandin Cooks on his concussions.

"As far as the concussions, I’m doing great. I look forward to playing football and that’s all I can say about that."
— James Palmer (@JamesPalmerTV) April 30, 2020
#texans WR Brandin Cooks has been studying his new QB Deshaun Watson. When he’s watching the film he’s seen that Watson can make every throw and make them on the run as well.

"What can this guy not do? You can’t answer that."
— James Palmer (@JamesPalmerTV) April 30, 2020
Brandin Cooks says that he looks at being traded as a positive. Says it means he is still being wanted. Doesn’t look at is at as "negative". #Texans
— patrick the brick wall (@PatDStat) April 30, 2020
"You talk about a coach with a lot of energy. Talking to Billy O, I got off the phone with him and felt like I wanted to run through a brick wall. " #Texans WR @brandincooks on his early convos with coach O’Brien.
— Adam Wexler (@AdamJWexler) April 30, 2020


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Texans receiver Brandin Cooks @brandincooks on @JackEasterby ‘I can’t say enough about a guy like Jack Easterby and what he’s meant to my life. He’s a special human being. To be reunited is definitely a blessing.’
Texans’ Brandin Cooks on replacing DeAndre Hopkins: ‘I wouldn’t necessarily say that. DeAndre is a great player that played a lot of great football for the Texans. I’m here to help the team win the best way I can’

Texans’ Brandin Cooks on being traded by Saints, Patriots, Rams: ‘I take it as a positive that I’m wanted and I’m valued at a high level still to this day. Teams want me and my former teams say, ‘This is such a great deal for both sides’

Texans’ Brandin Cooks on 4.33 speed, track background: ‘I remember racing my dad when I was young. Were you born with it or have to work at it? A little bit of both. You had to work to have that elite speed. I’ve been running track since I was 7 years old’

"You’ve got guys who can blow the top off in this offense from every single position."-Brandin Cooks on Texans WR crew.

Cooks said learning process right now has been pretty similar to being in the classroom. Said he’s been working out every single day in his garage gym.

"The guy can throw every single ball…What can this guy not do? You can’t answer that."-Brandin Cooks on Deshaun Watson.

"No question."-Brandin Cooks, when asked if he sees same traits in Deshaun Watson that he saw in former teammates Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

Cooks said his speed came from when he was young, racing his Dad across the street to the garage. He also ran track from the age of 7 until 1st year in college.


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No. I think some people just hope his sarcasm was actually serious?!?! Responses were sarcastic to counteract his sarcasm.
I can't speak for the rest of you, but no sarcasm here. I tend to get defensive when someone wants me executed.


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This is an impressive set of stats for Cooks. In conjunction with Watson's strength, O'Brien may just have a method to his madness.

You are correct, that MAY be the method to his madness. Bodes well IMO, for our deep ball game. He and WFV should be able to take the top off the defense at will. Now the question is, will DW4 get the time to get the ball to them on deep/slow developing routes.


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That was such a great drive by Brady.

2nd & 20
3rd &12
3rd & 18 Against a top 3 pass rush
And In 2min and some seconds Without Julian Edelman and Your starting RT From your own 15. Ends game with a 25 yard TD to win the game. Ends game with 5tds and 378 yards against a top 5 Texans defense at age 41.
Texans defenses over the years had a horrible track record of holding leads. Could play defense fairly good for 25 and 55 minute intervals but it was usually hide your eyes time if the Texans had the lead going into the half or at near the end of regulation.


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After the team meetings with Waston, here is Cooks' impression

Absolutely zero hesitation in every response tells me one thing......Cooks is 100% sold on Deshaun Watson. You gotta love how Watson throws the deep ball.....I'm sold on how he throws every ball!!!!! Cooks' been around some good QB's so this is some hefty praise for the Texans not so bright Watson.

On a side note......Cooks doesn't have to brown-nose anyone on the Texans b/c he was WR1 or WR2 the day the Texans got him.


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Cooks does indeed look exciting.....hope he can stay healthy and lethal for 16+ games. One thing I noticed on the video, Goff has a lazy and horrible fake handoff. If he had executed (sold) those better, Cooks might've destroyed some of those coverages. Watching Goff sure makes me appreciate how well Schaub sold the fake.....one of the best at that. Goff also underthrows his sure TD's. Like Schaub, if he could nail them in stride they could've racked up many more TD throws on their resume.

Folks can knock Keenum....and rightfully so, but that guy could sure hit his open targets downfield. I remember a throw where he hit AJ in stride for an easy TD and I swear I saw a brown spot develop on the back of his pants b/c I'm just about 100% certain he shite himself in the processing that he was going to need to keep running through the football for the first time versus having to hit the brakes and go back to fight for the ball.
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he's played for superstar teams... i dont understand why he gets traded around!

i'd try to sign him for cheap longterm with the bulk of the money towards the end to bank on his injuries and try to extend the value of the production by reducing his profit