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Will Fuller suspended 6 games

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I go to the doctor & get a B12 shot... or some booster to fight off the flu. I have no idea what's in it. All I get is a bill. I don't know the details of Fuller's ordeal. But if he goes in for monthly prescribed injections, he may never see a list.

Either way... I'm not saying he's guilty or not. More information is needed.
'eh, anything in possible.

It is possible that a trained squad of ninjas hired by the Colts crept into the bedrooms of these players and injected them.

Anything is "possible".

You balance possible with probable.

It's highly improbable that ninjas were involved.

And it's improbable that a highly educated medical professional would put his practice on the line and risk malpractice and professional Harakiri by injected a professional athlete with a banned substance.

The most probable - and logically consistent - angle is these players were looking for a competitive advantage and knew damn well what they used.

There is no doubt of his guilt, btw. It's kinda' why the league suspended him 6 games.


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The NFL makes it extremely plain..............it is ultimately the responsibility of the player for what they put or allow to be put into their bodies. There is a limited list of supplements and their manufacturers, and a list of substances, supplied to all NFL players by both the NFL and NFLPA. If there is any supplements specifically not listed, or if there is any questions about a supplement of any other treatment (IV, IM, PO, or topical), the player that is considering taking one (physician prescribed or not) is responsible for checking with the appropriate designated NFL or NFLPA contacts.............BEFORE their administration. This should be the routine for any intelligent player not seeking suspension.
Bypassing this simple process empirically puts into question the player's motivations.
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