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Week 2: @ Mile High


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It was only a matter of time before Denver got in the endzone. Looks like Wilson took over playcalling that drive.
Yea that last conversation with the rookie HC probably didn’t go well for the HC. Wilson probably said my pay check is bigger than yours and for longer so we are going to start doing things my way.


It’s the 4th quarter so naturally it’s time for the choke. That’s Texans tradition right there.

Lovie and Pep are in over their heads. We all know what this looks like. Bill O’Brien just left town a couple of years ago. Sure Lovie stumbled into a Super Bowl early in his career but that guy is not in control of what we are seeing out there and Pep Hamilton is no better than the chump he replaced. Gark Kubiak could have taken this collection of players and had this offense rolling. Pep looks like he’s using an old playbook he found in Tim Kelly’s old desk.


I'm not eating crickets.
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Lovie has never been a HC and defensive coordinator in the NFL...wonder why he wanted to do it this year especially with an unproven team in a rebuilding mode.

Look how many OB was able to pull out of his chin before he was gone.


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Mills with one good throw all day. God I hate this QB. I’m not sure my BP can stand 15 more weeks of that garbage.