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The Official Half Assed Chiefs @ Texans Wildcard Playoffs Gameday Thread


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And there are people on this board that wouldn't give our late first round pick for drew Brees. He's to old! His c I n tract os too much! Lol total ifiots!

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1st and goal at the freakin' 2 yard line, I'd have been okay just calling four straight Alfred Blue runs if necessary. Down 13-0 a field goal would have seemed moot although points on the board would have been nice I guess.

If we got stuffed so be it. The Chiefs would take over on turnover on downs inside our three yard line. Instead they got decent field position off the Hoyer interception.

O'Brien is costing us this game. No excuses.
He's the one making the ultimate decisions with the quarterback and playcalling.


And there are people on this board that wouldn't give our late first round pick for drew Brees. He's to old! His c I n tract os too much! Lol total ifiots!
**** off with that **** man. Nobody wants your geriatric man crush. Yes they need a QB. They need to solve the problem though, not rent a guy for 2-3 years and then be back in the same situation in 2018 or 2019.


The longer Hoyer stays in the game the further out of reach this game gets... they need to pull this guy already.


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It is what it is. We have a clueless head coach and a GM that does nothing
but hat the clueless head coach wants. (Dom, Gary, BoB, same song
different verse)

Unless we have better talent than the team we are playing we are always
going to lose.

Been that way for years.

Man would I like to reboot this franchise..

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What the f refs, why don't you let the D huddle to decide how to play against the formation!!!! Dicks!

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2017 Astros: Earn It!
Lol people calling for freakin weeden.
Would he have three turnovers in the first half right now if he had started this game? Hoyer just threw away points on that one fumble near the 30 and last interception at the 2. And his other pick he had all day to throw and just threw it right into Eric Berry's hands. It reminded me of Neil O'Donnell hitting Larry Brown in the Super Bowl 20 years ago. The only difference is that one wasn't a pick six.

We still have the second half to play. Down 13-0 is tough but still manageable if we put some good offensive drives together. A couple of TD drives is what we need. It's possible but for some reason it seems impossible with the way Brian Hoyer is playing.

Maybe Hoyer can get us some points right before halftime so we can build some momentum. But with Brian Hoyer it's always "Maybe" because I have lost all confidence in him. No wonder Cleveland Browns fans were elated when he wasn't re-signed and they don't even have good quarterback options!


What does it take in this drive for BOB to pull Hoyer? Another scoreless drive? Turnover? Pick six? Or is Hoyer bulletproof unless he gets concussed?

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2017 Astros: Earn It!
3 interceptions and 1 fumble.
4 turnovers for Brian Hoyer today.
We're down 13-0 going into halftime it looks like.
Enough of this guy. Bench him, O'Brien!!!!!
At least Weeden would give us a chance.
Or do you want Hoyer to finish with 7 or 8 turnovers today?