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Should Mills be given the reins next season?


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Quit focusing on me and read the post I replied to.
I was focusing on your post with 10 wins in it.

I will go back and checkout the post you responded too.

I apologize, I should've read TB's post before responding.


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Maybe it's just the optimism in me but if Green is the left guard that we think he can be and David Pierce is the running back we think he can be, I say Mills just has to be better. He shown us too much in the last five games for him to be a total disaster.
It is perfectly reasonable to be optimistic about Mills - plenty of experts are also complimentary of his potential and his progress.
I agree with your reasoning as to why and would add we also now have an experienced HC and a more exciting OC as well as a well respected Oline coach.
I expect the team to show gradual improvement as the season progresses.
If this team stays healthy, good things are definitely possible.