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Poll - Who should Texans take @ #67?

Who should they take?

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Resident Grouch
Broaddus/Brooks/Brugler/Youmans did a mock and at the start of the 3rd rd

Some of the guys still available were

Centers- Myers/Meinertz

DL Basham/Odeyingbo/Turner/Wilson/Tuefele/Tuipuloto/Togiai/ *TOnga/Jordan Smith/ * Ellerson Smith

LB's Werner/Moses/Bolton/Browning/Suratt/McGrone/Rice

CB's Melifonu/Adebo/Rochell/ * St. Juste/Thomas/Vincent/Wade/Gowan

S- Holland/ * Deablo/Nasirildeen/Gilespe/Uuphoff

Looks like prime trade down to mid 3rd rd and get another pick in the 2022 draft time.
Rather trade for another pick in rd 4, early rd 5. Lots of unrealized potential in players because of screwed up 2020 college season. Put scouts to work.
Any one of these will do...... if we don't trade down too far.

Round 4 possibilities.

No longer interested in waiting till next year for anything. Let next year take care of itself.