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**Official Game-Day Thread** Colts at Texans, Sunday Night Oct 16, 2016!!


Loose Screw
One forced bad pass.
One missed bad pass.
One sack.

Hey at least that run up the middle from shotgun finally worked. Maybe we can stop running it all the damn time.


Practice Squad
Leaving the pocket for no reason and under throwing his receiver who is 7 yards down field...where have we heard this story before??


Brock is getting rid of that ball like he doesn't want any part of it. He needs to settle down.


I know it's not fair to make comparisons to Carr. The players are different, the situations are different. The problems are different.

This sure is a lot like watching Houston Texans version 1.0 football though. Not exactly like it. Maybe more like watching it after we drafted Domanick Davis.

Same dysfunctional passing game though.