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**Official Game-Day Thread** Colts at Texans, Sunday Night Oct 16, 2016!!


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Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016 • 7:30 PM CT • NRG Stadium (71,795) • Houston, Texas


Flip Card: PDF

Officiating Crew: Bill Vinovich (Couldn't find anything negative on this guy)

Uniform Combination: Blue Jersey / White Pants

81° F Clear Full Weather: Link


Texas Flag Holders:
Texans Season Ticket Members and their loved ones who beat cancer or continue their fight in beating cancer

Homefield Advantage Captain:
Four-time MLB All-Star and the 2016 AL Batting Champion, Houston Astros Second Baseman #27, Jose Altuve

National Anthem:
Season 3 Winner of “The Voice” on NBC, 2014 CMT Music Award Winner for Breakthrough Video of the Year and this year’s CMA Award nominee for her chart-topping duet “Think of You” with Chris Young, Cassadee Pope

Color Guard:
United States Army All Female Team

Coin Toss Captain:
Breast cancer survivor Mrs. Janice McNair, wife of Owner Robert C. McNair, accompanied by members of the Houston Texans family

2015 Grammy Award Winners, four-time Academy of Country Music Award Winners, three-time CMA Award Winners, CMT Award Winners, The Band Perry, featuring Houston Texans Cheerleaders and courageous breast cancer survivors

A Win Against Indianapolis Would...

• Extend Houston’s winning streak against AFC Suck (aka South) opponents to seven games, dating back to Week 6 of the 2015 season
• Improve the Texans’ all-time regular season record against the Colts to 6-23 overall and 5-10 at home
• Give the Texans their first win on Sunday Night Football since a 13-6 victory on the road over Chicago on Nov. 11, 2012
• Improve Houston’s all-time record at home to 60-56 in the regular season
• Improve Head Coach Bill O’Brien’s career regular season record to 22-16

Keys to The Game
• Stop Ty Hilton
• Clowney and Mercilus need to tear Luck apart
• No stupid penalties
• Win the turnover battle by a lot
• Don't wet your pants

I Don't Want to Hear
• We need to coach better
• I need to play better
• I thought the effort was good
• We had a good week of practice

Go Texan!
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LOL, that was funny.
I'm sure none of us want to hear the things you mentioned either.

The Colts seem to get a steal with 5th round pick Joe Haeg (near the end of the 5th round at that), who saw two starts at RG and one at RT.

If he plays RT again this week, the Texans have got to exploit it with different guys.
The Colts will likely give him help often; then other guys need to win their one-on-one battle.
You can't let Luck get comfortable; everybody knows that.

Their rookie Center has also looked good. Wilfork needs to eat him alive though. Come on Vince, get hungry.


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Fuller with his hamstring will not play tonight. That makes Hopkins and Strong the outside receivers, with Miller across the middle.

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If the Colts defense is as bad as the stats say... Tonight's game should be the coming-out party for Brock Osweiler that all of us Texans fans have been waiting to see.

Bulls on Parade

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CBS just posted this:

Tensions spike between Bill O'Brien and Brock Osweiler in Houston
Much to do about nothing my friend.

I think Brock Osweiler has to man up and realize that this franchise paid him a ton of money to become our franchise quarterback. Bill O'Brien is a heck of a coach. Brock better get with the program starting tonight.

But Bill O'Brien also had several heated exchanges with the great Tom Brady while coaching in New England from 2007-2011. Most specifically when he was the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator during his final two years there. One of those blowups was shown on CBS during a broadcast between the Patriots and Redskins.

I love O'Brien's passion and intensity. Think about all of our frustrations talking about Brock Osweiler's pathetic play so far this season. I'd imagine Bill O'Brien is actually in a position to do something about it. All we can do is talk about it. It's time for Brock to put up or shut up. Enough is enough! Tonight's game is a big one for Brock Osweiler.

I applaud Bill O'Brien for his aggressiveness in coaching.

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This is going to be a long day.
Why so? I'm enjoying the Bengals versus Patriots game on CBS right now. The Cowboys play the Packers later today at 3:25 PM on FOX. I can't wait to see that game.

And then the Texans play at 7:30 PM tonight against our hated division rivals on NBC's Sunday Night Football. Carrie Underwood's intro song always has me fired up! It's going to be a fun day and night filled with NFL action. I couldn't ask for a better day of football.

The only thing missing? J.J. Watt. I miss #99!
Man, he's the superstar for a primetime stage like this.

I love this big stage the Houston Texans have tonight.
With a win we're 4-2 and all alone in first place.
Also 4-0 at home and 2-0 within the AFC South.


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meh......mediocre or worse Texans team vs a worse Dolt team. I've seen this **** to many times to get very excited. I think the worse thing that could happen tonight is a low scoring affair between these two pretenders. Maybe I'll do laundry tonight or rearrange my sock drawer.

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If the Texans lose, they'll be tied with Indy and Titans at 3-3, with the jaggies being 2-3.

What a division! :lol:
Ain't happening. Texans will win and be 4-2. And we're comfortably all alone in first place. We own the tiebreaker with the crappy Titans (they barely beat the winless Browns, yawn) so they would have to be a full game ahead of us because a tie does them no good.


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This is the least excited I have been this early in a season EVER. I really think we get rocked tonight. TY puts up 200 yards and 3 TDs against this over rated pass defense.


Remember prime time Thursday Night??? Nothing has changed since then. It will be another total and complete embarrassment again and force the Houston fans to come to the realization that after all the draft picks, free agency signings, all the money spent, and for whatever reasons, our current team is heading in the wrong direction fast. New coaching and leadership needed. After tonight, Coach Obrien needs to GET THE BOOT and get the heck out of OUR TOWN!!!
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On # 69
Texans 45, Colts 6

It's time to DOMINATE!!!!!

I want to see the Texans send a statement tonight.
Me too bud. I just dont get the feeling it's gonna happen. The way this team has been playing this season so far I just cant get hyped up like that that.

Don't get me wrong, I love this team and I will watch every single second of this game, but this game has about as much hype as getting a prostate check. :mcnugget:

Texas Jake

We need to come out swinging and put a real beating on the Colts. Hopefully the heated exchange between Brock and O'Brien will translates into some in-your-face attitude on the field.


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No Kareem Jackson or Demps, and a hobbled Will Fuller.

Luck is gonna torch this team.

Gonna be really hard to watch this **** for too long when Kershaw/Hendricks is on another channel at the same time.


Just win baby!!!
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No Kareem Jackson or Demps, and a hobbled Will Fuller.

Luck is gonna torch this team.

Gonna be really hard to watch this **** for too long when Kershaw/Hendricks is on another channel at the same time.
Luck is going to be without his starting Center, Tackle, & one of his WRs