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**Official Game-Day Thread** Colts at Texans, Sunday Night Oct 16, 2016!!


Loose Screw
When was the last Primetime game we won?

Here's to not getting blown out.
Then again, I could go to bed early. Hmmm.


Just win baby!!!
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I can't take the negativity. See you guys in about 3 hours.... good luck.

P.S. be on the look out for a drunk & pissed off Scooter.
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False Start

On # 69
:lol: @ the pregame guys... when they were asked whos gonna win... they were stupefied.

It was like they were picking between a going home with a fat chick, or an even fatter chick at the bar.


Roof closed for a night game? Bah.

Yeah. Makes you wonder how much money the Texans could have saved everyone involved if they'd just been practical right up front and admitted to us and themselves that they were going to play every game possible in air conditioned comfort and that "sunroof" on the stadium was just an expensive affectation.


.. and then?
Still throwing behind Hop.... it is ok to lead the receiver, ya know

There was another defender in the area though.