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Offensive scheme moving forward


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Yeah, I'd like to see Cal have the stones like Crane did when he bought the Astros. Crane stepped up to the mic and laid out his plan and then went out and hired a top notch GM to make his vision a reality and a HC to execute he and his GM's vision. That union was special regardless of the stupidity that followed.

Cal, I guess stood behind Easterby and let him swing the axe on OB. It might've been Easterby seeing an opportunity and wanting to snatch the power from OB.....that prompted him to get into Cal's ear about OB needing to go. Cal may have been thinking this and told Easterby.....you want to do this, then you got to be the axe man.

Crane was pizzed that the team's WS got a big fat asterisk from baseball and had the stones to make one of the toughest decisions he ever had to make.....call Luhnow and Hinch in his office and fire both of them and then go in front of the media and announce his decision.

What will it take to see Cal take those steps in maturity?

His first step, send Easterby packing and announce a plan of attack for the Texans future and how he'll go about making it happen. That's what the fans are waiting for. We're also waiting to see him make that business degree from Rice worth more than the paper its's printed on.
His vision is DW4/Easterby/ Pancakes helping him make the decision on who to hire to lead Janice's franchise. This franchise is so screwed. His business degree from Rice has served him quite well and his daddy taught him very well to at the art of making money. That's what he went to school for.