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Normal Behavior from an Executive VP?


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Martin signed his goofy contract when our Cap guy (name escapes me) was here. Clowney had a foot out the door when Easterby got here.

I don’t give 2 shakes about Jack Easterby. I care about the Texans. Fixing Easterby is like putting a bandaid on cancer.
I could be wrong but I think Martin’s contract was JE/BOB. I’ll try to look it up later

I don’t want to fix JE. You’re 100% right you don’t put a band aid on cancer, you cut it out. That’s what I want, to remove his presence from the team. There will still be things to fix but getting rid of that guy will be a giant step in the right direction IMHO
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im not sure I believe that’s the case. Cal strikes me (based solely off listening to him speak in news conferences) as not the brightest bulb and easy to manipulate. I think Cal has ZERO idea of what he’s doing and he’s being led astray

Even if what you’re saying is true, JE is still terrible at his job. His job should have been to prevent this s$$t show from occurring. The football people’s job should be preventing this stuff from happening. Not catering to an inexperienced owners terrible ideas. This goes beyond the QB situation. They’ve wasted valuable cap space over paying mediocre to poor players that are “culture” fits, they over payed in trades and got ridiculous returns in others. They’ve fired competent front office employees.
Don't take what I posted as a defense of JE. He should've been fired in the full and total housecleaning.