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Dirty Old Man
*some team* is driving on us in the last two minutes with a chance to win. Sound familiar?

And you know what happens most of the time. For once I'd like to see this porous ass defense hold.


Hall of Fame
Texans win, but not an encouraging win at all. I was holding onto hope that they would fix some stuff during the bye. Maybe a tweak to improve the run game. Maybe a tweak to improve the rush D. Maybe installing some new plays. But no. This team still has the same issues, just got lucky the Jags are worse.
If we could’ve came up with those interceptions (4). We could’ve blown this team out. We just can’t catch a simple break with this team. Made this harder on themselves.


Go Texans 4-3...Post OB!!!!!
This team just lacks any kind of offensive smack. By now, the team is fully aware they have zero running game and no personnel to make one appear.....to include the OL. I fully expected after the break, the team would change their offensive philosophy to pass first, run second. This is what they should've been preparing to do in the second half of the season and what a great way to break in the new philosophy......against the Jags.