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I find it shocking that personnel even have to compete to get on the field with the defense. Scarlett you're moving to CB....what!!!....yeah, you're a CB from here on out. Damn Scarlett sucks!!! Fairbairn, you're checking in at CB.....what!!!!....yeah, you've been lucky today but now I need you out there to shut down some receivers. Fairbairn, you suck....get your arse back on the bench and keep that leg warm. Just put Reid out there b/c the guy may just have game mind versus practice mind.......could he suck any worse than the rest of the guys trying to play the position?
I expected RAC to come to this interim job with a bit less ego than I’ve seen so far.
As a guy who has one foot in retirement, I thought he’d be perfect to get the rookies and upside guys on the field developing through real play.

Instead, we’ve seen him argue public ally against getting the deadwood out via trade during the season, and continued to play washed up vets over struggling young players wherever there’s any available.


Go Texans 4-3...Post OB!!!!!
Ok RC.....you have no running game to run out the clock so you better get with Kelly and let him know the offense needs to score a TD to put this game out of reach. So pass the damn ball with some 2-minute drill rolled into it.


Are you not entertained?
I wanted a run on 3rd to burn clock - especially if we're punting on 4th down