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Is the offensive line fixed?

Is the OL fixed?

  • It will be a strong point on the team

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  • This OL will take us to the Super Bowl.

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Newton appeared in one game for the sAints while Clark appeared in 15 for the Panthers, starting 13 games. I didn't pay any attention to Carolina last year, so I can't attest to whether or not Clark was a help or a hinderance.
Last season: Clark (having essentially the equivalent of 7 full seasons [total of 8 seasons])had a PFF rating of 60 Henderson (having played only 9 games in the previous 3 seasons, then 1st year in the Texans system) in his limited presence a PFF rating of 63.3 Lamm (having 4 seasons under his belt) had a PFF rating of 64 Newton (having played 5 1/2 seasons, but only active 1 game without action last season with the Saints, after his double patellar tendon rupture) was not given a 2018 PFF rating. ******************************************************************************************************************************* Interesting (and smart safe prove it [evidently not confident he would make it to the 2nd year]) contract that Newton signed last year: upload_2019-5-29_8-43-17.png