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GAMEDAY: Chargers @ Texans


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Again, Elway not winning a superbowl had nothing to do with his greatness prior to Shanny. Winning a superbowl is a team achievement and his teams were nowhere close to being good enough to win prior to Shanny. I mean you would know this if you watched him in the 80s and early 90s. Nobody who watched the pre Shanny coached Broncos were in awe of their talent level. It was like , keep the game close and #7 will win it. If and when he was off, they got their heads smashed in. See the superbowls.
Agreed, the 49ers were a great team and Montana was just as good if not better than Elway at the time. The better teams won.


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LMAO...It looks like you can't even comprehend what you are saying, much less anyone else. So now you are saying it was Shanahan's system that allowed them to win the Super Bowl, because the rest of the team was subpar. Gotcha. You win. Elway couldn't win a Super Bowl, because he had subpar players, and needed Shanahan to install his system. I guess Brady is super happy that he's always had the best talent around him.
No I think he's saying that Elway's 80s teams we're subpar talent wise, then when Shanahan arrived and installed his system, and they got talented players that fit that system, Elway won back to back.