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Game Day Texans at Redskins


Furry Tractors
We're just going to try our best to Arian Foster this game. It was a slow start, but when the going gets tough, you have to go Arian Foster on them. I just hope we can Arian Foster enough to win, but it would be great to Vonta Leach all over the Skins.

TD Jacoby Jones! Matt Schaub really Arian Foster'd on that one.


Hey CBS, can I get a little more commercial action here? I mean stop showing so many plays in between commercials. I wanna hear how Burger King has great breakfast again for the 500th time today.

Carr Bombed

Hall of Fame
I'm the fan off "Major League"......I expect the worst and pray for the best. :)

Yes, I'm jaded....I'll admit it. It's a protective mechanism.