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Game Day Texans at Redskins


Go Texans!
Schaub's play action is getting slower and slower. He's milking it too long.

Loved the play action decision by Dennison, since they all keyed on Foster.


Go Texans!
Cooley doing his best Dallas Clark impersonation.

We seem to never figure out who the big player is for the other team's offense.

3rd down now, and I bet we see a pass to Cooley.


Hall of Fame
Same Ol' Gary Kubiak coached team.......

World beaters one week......flat the next. I'm sick of this ****.
On all the pregame threads, I was "Mr. Perspective." We DON'T KNOW
if this team has arrived yet. This game is starting like the preseason game
against New Orleans.


.. and then?
Well, a bend don't break defense..... now if we can just get the offense clicking. Skins up 6-0


Go Texans!
How the hell are we down only two FGs right now?

We gotta' go on an 80-yard 14-play drive now. For a TD.


Hall of Fame
At least the defense picked up the offense. Now, all we need is for
special teams to not mess it up this time.


OK, we've got the silliness out of our system. Time to wake up. If the rest of the team played like the run D, we'd be OK.


All right no big deal. We gotta regroup and come out and score a TD here. I'd like to see Schaub throw some and get his confidence back.