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Game Day Texans at Redskins


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The 5 sacks on Schaub, did they come from the blitzing OLBs/wannabe DEs or were they from the interior? From what I saw, Duane Brown was being beat on every other play and Myers/the Guard next to him were doing a decent job of keeping Maa'kee Kemouteau from bull rushing towards Schaub a la Kris Jenkins.


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I'm going to have to go back and watch the game again to see, but just from memory of the game, I felt they were bringing their safety most of the time to apply the pressure. Orakpo got him from behind once, but I wanna say Laron Landry was the key culprit.


just got back home have the game on DVR man i didnt think the game would end up like this i thought we would win like 34 to 16 or something


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JB made it home safely... I assume Joe made it home safely!!!!

How nice was that???!!!??!!?
Huge for me...:D

Thanks for hosting a great game day Bill! And the food was fabulous, the drink was fabulous, and the comadarie even better!


If anyone wants a good laugh just go back and read posts from the first 3 qrts of this game. I just hope opposing fans dont find this thread and share it cause there are alot of overreactions and hopelessness plastered throughout. Carr Bombed I am looking in your direction. lol

Kind of embarrassing if you ask me. People saying Schaub aint right. Kareem is an awful CB, we have no chance. I think I will stay away from the gameday threads until the day after.


Couldn't post during the game yesterday....stuck at a bday party but I was able to get the game on tv where I was at and caught from the 2nd Q to the end.

WHAT A GAME!!!!! MAN!!!! I thought we would dominat the Skins honestly, not blow them out, I just thought we would be more dominant all around, but this game impressed me if that's even possible as much of a steel blue drank sipper I am.

Man, what a friggin game. Damn!!!

Can't wait to absolutely SMASH on these cowbitches Sunday!!

Whoa nellie........I will have to hide my keys from myself.