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Game 10 Thread: Bills @ Texans


shiny happy fan
gonna be a great game. Two teams looking in the mirror as each see a peer in the same boat. The QB that makes the least mistakes wins this one.


Hubcap Diamond
Staff member
The injuries and lack of depth on the Texans have me comcrned. A single injury at (name one of several positions) can lead to a seriously weaker team on the field. It would be nice if we paid our "injury dues" last week and made it through the rest of the season. I don't think that is realistic though.

I look for a close game unless we suffer an injury to player with no viable back-up.

Who wins? The team that goes for it when it counts and reduces mistakes the rest of the time.


i have been noticing a trend in the texans this yr. the texans first drives of games are usually their best drives. i predict we will see another and the texans jump out early 7-0 on a TD pass to eric moulds, just bc were playing his former team.


All Pro
I think we've got to win this game. 4-6 is a lot better than 3-7. I know we have a team that can do it this weekend. Go Texans :texflag:


Windmill cancer survivor
Boy, I just went outside. If that roof ain't open today, I don't know when it will ever be open.


17 minutes....I'm begining to get my butterflys...

Texans win by enough

4-6 and still in the play off run.:superman:


Furry Tractors
79-3. JP Losman makes a freaky 67 yard field goal. Glenn Earl scores four times....Kubiak will throw the red flag all the way to the Bills' bench to make sure Mario's fumble return is ruled a touchdown.

That's not asking for too much, is it?


The announcers sure sound high on the Texans today.

Pointed out Carr's #1 completion percentage and the "top 4 or 5" defense over the last 6 games.


Loose Screw
We always complain about not getting any love from the media, but this sure is making me uncomfortable. Maybe because its a new thing. Here's to the team not listening to the media.


Hubcap Diamond
Staff member
Winston's man crushed Carr after an almost unblocked inside move on that interception. Not an auspicious beginning.