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AFC South Champions!!!

From 3 wins to a home playoff game? How did we get here? The joy on DeMeco's face at his hiring announcement. How happy Stroud and Anderson were on draft night. We wanted to believe what we were seeing. The turnaround of a franchise. But this soon?

This is real. And for those who think the Texans will be one and done, think about this: If someone told you prior to the season that the Texans would have a home game versus a Joe Flacco led Browns team in the Wild Card round, you'd ask "Who do we play in the divisional round?" It's magic.
The joy on DeMeco's face at his hiring announcement.


It's magic.

Absolutely incredible!! :texflag:

I started drinking koolaid when they hired DeMeco, but I never would've even tried to dream they'd be AFC South champions in the first season.

Congrats to everyone in the Texans organization for this amazing turnaround. From the owners down, decisions were made that set the foundations for greatness.

I hope NRG is filled 100% with rabid Texans fanatics. This team deserves what Houston fans have always given them in the playoffs: 12th MAN POWER!!