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Will 2020 be the year the training wheels finally come off Tim Kelly?


Resident Grouch
Since this is a deep WR draft class there's a good chance Duvernay will be there at 90. Considering all of the needs on defense would you be willing to spend 90 on him? To solve the Slot WR/KR/PR issues I think I would pick him despite needing to use resources on the defense.

In a way I hope they draft a CB in the 2nd and use FA to fill the Edge/DT/CB needs in FA.

If they were able to sign Suh/Jones in FA would you be OK with using the Rd 3-4 picks to finish out the offense. (WR/RB/OG)
Sounds like a good plan.



All Pro
Just rewatched the Week 5 Game (Texans-Falcons) and our offense looked potent and very well balanced. I know the Falcons’ Defense wasn’t good, but we pretty much did the same thing against NE. So, I know that performance was no fluke. Tim Kelly might turn this thing around if he indeed brings some sort of identity to this clusterfook of an offense. We need it!

Cecil Shorts reported (on 610) that it was Tim Kelly who ran the show against the Falcons, I had to go back and watch everything a little bit closer. I like what I saw. If David Johnson at least stays healthy this year, same for Cooks, we should not miss a beat. I know, Grand Canyon sized IF!