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Who is left - Free Agency - Please respond


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His market was not anywhere near what he thought it would be, strong WR draft hurt him, but not Amari. If you money ball it, I guess we need to get a new cheap WR as we are already spending at the WR corps with Cobb and Fuller, so I can get on board with drafting a high level WR, maybe move up in early third or use one of the 2nd's?
Anderson is really a speedy 2nd wheel and just middle of the pack at that. Fuller is a better player, but as we all know too well health is "kinda" a problem with Will.


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Jordan Howard who is another former Pro Bowl, 1000 yard RB, signed with Miami for 2 years and $9 million. That was the same amount being offered to Carlos Hyde.

Thinking about it. Are there any differences between Jordan Howard and David Johnson?
Howard doesn't come with pick 2.40?