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Who is left - Free Agency - Please respond


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Fulton can be released from now thru season saving = his salary 7 m minus any games played. No rush.

Martin if traded post June 1 = $7 m.
We can have all three and let them play it out..


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There was a time when I’d argue the same. But since they extended Martin it’s a moot point. Outside of injury or a new staff, Martin is our Center.
....another sign of a bad owner and/or GM not coming to grips with the fact that they may' end made a mistake. How much pride does it take for someone to willfully run with a bad decision at the detriment of his team?


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....another sign of a bad owner and/or GM not coming to grips with the fact that they may' end made a mistake. How much pride does it take for someone to willfully run with a bad decision at the detriment of his team?
I wouldn't call Martin's extension a mistake.

We were committed to extending Watson and Tunsil. We also Roby, Weeks, Johnson, Cole and other veterans to extend. We didn't have a 1st round draft selection and had high priority needs to fill with our remaining selections.

We had to extend Martin to fit within our overall salary budgeting, or we would have to sign another veteran to replace him, again within our overall budgeting.

But we couldn't afford to lose the experience of our starting OC. To do so would have created another hole to fill and any replacement would not have the experience with our offense that Martin had.

We needed to resign Martin.

But his signing now gives the team the ability to upgrade the position if the opportunity comes up, without the worry if it should not.


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It's not the sacks. My impression is his inability to anchor the middle without giving up 3 yards first and pushing the pressure too deep.
I didn’t think he was worth a damn when they extended him, but someone posted his pass protection was pretty good the previous year. So I took particular interest to watch him more in 2019.

Pass pro, I didn’t see anything so bad to think he needs to be replaced. Biggest pass pro issue I see appears to be a poor understanding of what the defense is trying to do. If I had to guess, my guess would be Watson needs to improve identifying rushers & setting protection.

Run blocking yeah, he gets knocked back way too often, way too easy.


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So you’re saying it isn’t true that Fulton gave up one sack & 30 pressures compared to Warfords 3 sacks & 32 pressures?

I’m not saying it is true. I quoted that & asked you to respond in light of that. My question is, are you sure?

Technically according to PFF (who CnnD doesn’t completely trust). But in a way, this really gets to the crux of the matter. Is the problem the individual or the circumstance? Fulton is only the current example of coveted FA that comes to Houston that fails to live up to expectations. All the way back to Capers.

Replacing Fulton, does that address the illness or the symptom. That’s the question.
Fulton was coveted?

Warford would be a big upgrade.
Fulton+Warford (opt 1) > Martin+Warford (opt 2) > Martin+Fulton (opt 3)...Option 1 addresses the illness, option 2 and 3 addresses the symptom.
I specifically watched Warford this weekend in 2 Saints games that were replayed on NFL Network, I left unimpressed. He missed quite a few blocks on pass and running plays. His situation between the Saints OC and RT was extremely better than anything the Texans have, plus Brees gets the ball out pretty quick. Situating him next to Martin will probably yield similar results as Fulton. I'm lukewarm on him for now.


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As this article concludes, "a potential addition of Warford should not mean the end for Fulton."


The Rundown: Texans interest in Larry Warford should be about improving their depth

With reports that the Houston Texans are interested in recently released New Orleans Saints offensive guard, Larry Warford, it is an interesting choice by head coach Bill O'Brien.

The Texans are set to return their entire offensive line in 2020, and with Warford a right guard, sights are set on current starter Zach Fulton. Fulton is in the last year of his current contract slated to make $7 million, but that has zero guaranteed money in his deal.

Warford was released to save $8.5 million against the cap after the Saints drafted Michigan center Cesar Ruiz in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The Saints owed him $12.9 million in 2020 before they decided to part way with him on Friday.

The three-time Pro Bowl guard, Warford is 28-years old and was in his final season of a four-year $34 million contract.
With Warford released from the Saints, we talked to SI.com's Kyle Mosley from the Saints New Network on what he saw over the years and what led to the release fo, Warford.

Saints News Network on Larry Warford

Warford's release was a combination of three reasons for the Saints.
1. His 2020 total compensation was close to $12.9M. By releasing Warford, New Orleans opened $7.750 million of cap space to use in signing more free agents and the rookies.

2. In 2019, his weight increased, but his overall production at guard slipped. Although he was a replacement at the position for the Pro Bowl, Warford had three problematic games last season.
  • He allowed DT Aaron Donald to rush QB Drew Brees, hit his hand, and snap Brees' right thumb ligament.
  • After the bye, the Atlanta Falcons used speed rushers to create havoc on Brees, and the Saints lost in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
  • The NFC Wild Card Playoff lost. Minnesota employed the same strategy as Atlanta, and Warford could not maintain his blocks. This caused erratic play from Brees in the pocket early in the contest.
3. New Orleans drafted C/G Cesar Ruiz from the University of Michigan. When Sean Payton told us in the media Ruiz was drafted to start and not sit the bench, you knew Warford's days were numbered. Either Ruiz or last year's rookie sensation from Texas A&M, Erick McCoy, will play the guard position in 2020. The Saints still have G Nick Easton available. He's most likely to serve as a backup.

With interest in Warford, there are teams circling along with the Texans to find out more about the ex-Saints guard. The Chicago Bears have also expressed interest in Warford.

How would Warford fit with the Texans if they found a way to sign him? Here is a look at the options the Texans could opt for Warford.

Options for the Texans with Warford

A Clean Switch

The Texans could move on from Fulton if they can sign Warford for a market value contract. There will be some thoughts on what Warford will be looking for contract wise after being released set to make $12.9 million.

If the Texans find common ground with Warford, they could move out Fulton, with zero dead money and retain the $7 million in cap room, and insert Warford as the starting right guard.

Fulton has another $7 million due in 2021 with zero guaranteed money. His final two years of the deal have a total of $14 million with no guaranteed money.

The issue then would be catching Warford up to speed on the offense in a "virtual" offseason, but being a veteran player, the hope would be he has enough experience to understand the offensive scheme the Texans are putting together for the 2020 season.

Is there an advantage of Warford versus Fulton?

The clear advantage is Warford in the run game is much better clearing lanes to open up holes. That is not in doubt.
Where is a possible issue for Warford? In the passing game.

Warford is coming from an offense that had Drew Brees, who built his game of quick decisions and throws. That is something that Deshaun Watson is still working on, but some of Watson's best plays come from extending plays.

That means less time to pass block with the Saints compared to the Texans.

Brees averaged a throw time in 2019 of 2.57 seconds while Watson averaged 2.82 seconds.

Extended Stats

699 pass snaps | 1 sack | 1 quarterback hit | 28 pressures | 30 total pressures
Warford: 644 pass snaps | 3 sacks | 6 quarterback hits | 23 hurries | 32 total pressures

Strength in Numbers



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Texans still have a glaring hole at RG this season. Warford would fill that need much better than Fulton even if he's a little weaker in Run Pro. I'll take his ability to give Watson a pocket and the extra time to let the new speedsters get downfield. Texans could sign Warford and cut Fulton. I don't think Fulton would garner that much attention......Texans bring him back and sign him to a lower contract. Essentially giving Warford the starting money and Fulton backup money. This would add solid depth as well....being that Fulton could also play Center (possibly better) if Martin goes down.
From a Saints Network Sports Illustrated point of view:
3 reasons why the Saints released Larry Warford

Bob Rose
May 10, 2020

Actually according to the above article it appears that Warford's strongest attribute for the most part has been his run blocking.


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If he's healthy, that would give us an offensive line without any major weak spots .... surely would nice for a change !