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What to do in 1st round?

Out of position for top 3 QB's, what should be 1st round strategy now?

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Dirty Old Man
I'm glad it's the day of the draft. I've been waiting on something legitimate to fight over for a long time.
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Carr Bombed

Hall of Fame
By the time we pick, I'm going to be stoned AND drunk. That doesn't always work well for me when I'm posting. :lol:
That doesn't work for me at all.. it's always been my personal experience that those two don't mix well.. especially when I tried to pass out in a bed and found myself looking up at a ceiling fan.. lol, I'd always have to swing one leg off the side just to anchor myself to the floor.


First I want someone healthy, I hope we don't go Myles Jack if he falls. Other than that Im sure I get on board with anyone they pick.


Gaft may be referring to the various ankle sprains speedy type players often deal with. Usually they only impact a player for a week or so, but can become chronic