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Week 8 post game: Admit it, you knew it was going to turn out this way.

I agree with you. It seems that CJ is on a leash at times and that the offense is not the full playbook for some reason. It is rare I see a WR 30+ yards downfield and wide open and it is thrown to him. I see more 10yrd crossing routes type stuff. I thought it was just me
Let's hope Slowik doesn't turtle up again.

They're a very good young coaching staff. Are they going to make mistakes , yes but if they give Stroud the guys he needs to succeed the Texans org is in good hands as long as DM doesn't screw the McNair's over again.

I feel as though CJ is going to enjoy his career in will McNair's, Caserio, Ryans, and the fans. DM will not be making the calls, I believe CJ will be at the controls. I'm good with making sure CJ gets full market value when his renegotiation time arrives, and might even sweeten the pot a bit more to ensure a "No Trade Clause" is not part of the new contract.