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Week 6 @ Indy


Just win baby!!!
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I was confident this would be one of the competitive games when the Colts were 1-2. At 1-3, I was thinking maybe.

After watching them Sunday night, I don’t know if it will be competitive at all. Looks like they’re getting things figured out & this might be a game where two of their RBs will rush for 80+

right now, I think we’ll be lucky to cover 10.


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I have a question for everyone. If the GREAT PASSING QB :sarcasm: Lamar Jackson can throw for over 400 yards against the Colts, how do you think Davis Mills will do?
The Texans have lost both their starting OT's. Whatever lineup they settle on, Mills could possibly face increased pressure, although the Colts rank in the bottom quarter in pressuring/sacking the QB. Their DE's only have 2 sacks each and the team only has 10 total. Their backfield only have 13 passes defensed with only 2 INT's.

If Mills has decent time, I would hope to see close to 300 yards. I'm going to step out on a limb and predict zero interceptions. The Colts are stouter against the run, so our run game will not be a factor. And I'm predicting Mills will have 3 TD passes again.

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im not predicting anything for Mills. Fact is we don't know what he'll do and how he'll look. The Colts will likely see this as an early "must win" to keep division hopes alive considering they've already lost to the Titans this year. So despite Indy's unimpressive numbers with sacks and the likes, i could see them giving Mills fits b/c he's a rookie and b/c the Colts' energy will be addition to him not having the edge protection with both his tackles out. Further, what the Colts lose in size, they make up for it with insane team speed.

The things Mills has going for him? This will be his 4th start & the 1st in which he's coming off a good performance. This will also be the first defense he will play that isn't ranked in the top 10......... according to DVOA that is.