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Week 5 Texans vs Jaguars


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The only players on this team worth using a franchise tag on we just drafted. :lol:
Maybe I value a top LT more than y'all do.

I'm thinking right now there are several teams that could use a top 5 LT. Starting with the Rams and Packers.


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I was gone about 10 days on a vacation to New England and Canada and got back late Saturday. Missed the Charger game. I have it DVR'ed. I know they lost - but I want to see the action. I'll eventually get to it. Meanwhile...I did see the Jags game. My thoughts...

* No matter how bad the Texans are, the Jags can't beat them.

* Mills and Lawrence both sucked. Lawrence has way more leash than Mills due to his skillset and draft position. He's also shown more than Mills. In any event, if he gets his act together, the Jags can contend. They are solid elsewhere for the most part.

* Watching Mills is like watching paint dry. On a scale of 1-100 for pizzazz - he's a 0. There's nothing to his game that isn't 100% rote. This guy can't color outside the lines if his life depended on it. He's not a natural leader, can't play outside the box or make plays. It's just not who he is. Not to mention his accuracy issues. We can argue about WHEN he is replaced - but let's at least be realistic. There is literally zero chance this guy is the answer. All I know is that whatever year (23 or 24) Nick pulls the trigger, I want Lovie and Pep gone. I want a new regime with someone that can be here long-term and can actually mold the young man. If it's next year, I like Levis. As for Mills...he has a place in the league - but as a backup. I'm fine with him here if he can handle the demotion. Otherwise, move on.

* Texans finally seem to be embracing the youth movement. I liked what Garrett Wallow did yesterday. At the least, he and Harris (when healthy) might be your LB's when you're in nickel. The two starters need to be put out to pasture by 2023. The kids in the secondary acquitted themselves well...aided in part by TL's errant throws/bad decisions. DP is balling now. That 20 yarder to set up the game winner was a thing of beauty. I know he had a long run against the Chargers - saw that highlight. We desperately need a good second back though. This kid needs to be part of a good 2 man rotation or he'll be crispy-fried in a hurry. Nico seems to be turning a corner. I like him best as a big-bodied #2. We need to find a true number one stud asap.
Right now Mills reminds me of Trent Dilfer/Brad Johnson. He's a guy who can win a lot of games with a great running game and stellar defense. I don't know if he has a higher ceiling than that.

Wallow looked good. I want to see more of him.