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Week 2: @ Mile High


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Lol at DM. I’ve had BM’s better than this clown. Lovie is terrible in ways I wouldn’t have expected. He’s not just bad, he’s awful. Only saved by the even more terrible Hackett. And Pep is terrible as well. We still have no OC worth a damn. And 24 has a long way to go if he is ever going to live up to his draft status. Tackling is poor, pass pro is poor.

Pierce is a keeper and plays hard. That was the only good thing I can take from this game.

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The issue on the majority of his sideline throws is he's not even giving the WRs a chance to make a play on the ball. It's so far out of bounds.
im not even sure the throws are there.. there’s always someone running a route underneath and to save and he’s ALWAYS running to that side. Can’t ever just sit and throw it. Having said that he’s got happy feet.

there are also no scheme tilters outside of Cooks. Need another guy who can get open. Nico aint it.


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Man I have been very open about letting Mills play all year to see what you have, but I hate that idea. He is not great. And each week it's the same. Missing throws, inaccurate too much, and just bad decisions. We have no choice at this point.
I’m ok with it. Another down year and you know what you have to do now. I mean it’s only two games but I’ve seen nothing real positive
Tim Kelly is still a better Texans OC than Pep Hamilton.
It took TK some time to figure things out but at the end of last season things started to turn around for our offense and I think we were so down on how things started that we made him a scapegoat. Perhaps Pep can redeem himself at some point in the season. It is not like we are expected to win many games so lets let it ride and see where we are toward the end of the season. Perhaps we finish strong like we did last season. Say what you will but coach Culley had things going in the right direction at the end of last season. I personally thought he deserved at least a second season to show what he could do. It is not like the players quit on him. He made some questionable decisions early in the season but he seemed to be learning the fly and getting better.

As it stands we may take a step back from last season. I hope that is not the case but it would not surprise me. I saw how Lovie did on his last head coaching job. I realize it was in college but it was quite underwhelming.
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Mills looks like he is afraid he is about to be hit every time he throws. He's not stepping into his passes. He's not showing any of the confidence that he showed last season. Can he recover? I don't know. I know he is capable, but he hasn't showed it so far this season.


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I keep waiting for Nico Collins. I thought with his size and going against a smaller CB last week, he could get position. This week with the injuries in the secondary, I thought he could take advantage of the Broncos paying too much attention to Cooks. I'm still waiting.


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It was a competitive game. Not sure what else you can ask from a rebuilding team.
The first 4 games are pretty much preseason now. Been that way since the last CBA. Good teams are going to look good, bad teams are going to look bad.

Denver appears to be having the same issue working out all the "new" on offense.

Houston still has a lot to work through & figure out. I'm agreeing with you Lucky.

But I don't know what these other guys were expecting a 6 win team to look like.

Bears at home we're going to look ok
Chargers at home not so much
Jags at home we're going to look ok
At Oakland, hopefully we'll look ok by then. Hopefully they'll have this worked out better than they do now, but it's on the road...
Disagree. I think Mills is just missing too many easy throws

wtf Mills, why do you make that throw?
You may be right amazing80. All I know is toward the end of last season a switch was flipped on for DM and it was while under TK. There is no earthly reason DM should not pick up where he left off last season. His regression is taking place under under Lovie and Pep. It may just be that DM sucks but something tells me this set of coaches aren't doing him or the offense any favors.


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To think a new OC was going to turn this into a respectable offense was extremely naive on that section of the fanbase. There's not enough meat here, and what is worth moving forward is green.
People like to believe in the very improbable, become very defensive when they receive an honest debate against expecting the improbable and then when the improbable thing doesn't materialize, they place blame everywhere. To those people...

Just kick back, enjoy the ride and readjust expectations. The season will be much more enjoyable for you if you do.


Mills looks like he is afraid he is about to be hit every time he throws. He's not stepping into his passes. He's not showing any of the confidence that he showed last season. Can he recover? I don't know. I know he is capable, but he hasn't showed it so far this season.
Mills seemed shook. He’s going to have a game like this if he continues playing subpar

edit: Sam Darnold seeing ghosts YouTube


Just win baby!!!
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I’m sad cause that game was actually winnable
What makes you think this game was winnable?

I'll have to look but I don't think they moved the ball 60 yards on any one drive. The defense gave them the ball inside the Broncos 40 & they settled for a field goal.

Pierce picked up 30+ yards on one drive by himself & still resulted with a field goal.

Defense couldn't stop the run, but they protected the endzone. They've got less to work out than the offense, but still plenty to address.

This is not our year.

Hopefully come November they'll be truly NFL competitive & not just hanging in there because the other team played poorly.