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Week 2: at The Dawg Pound


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Some rookie QB’s come into the league and the intangibles are immediately recognizable. Davis Mills lacks that completely.


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It was a winnable game that would have made us 2-0 with a chance to go in on a short week against a beatable Carolina and potentially be 3-0.
You lost me at winnable game.

The further I read the more I realized we have very different opinions about the Texans.


Let's face it this was a game that probably would have been the upset of the year if the Texans had won. At least for a lot of the second half it felt like we were in the game even with Mills. It will be an interesting week ahead. How will this coaching staff deal with adversity?

I have to say that I'm still enjoying this season a hell of a lot more than last season.
I'll say HELL NO to that one. The only time I would want to see Cam in a Texans game is when the Texans are beating whatever team he is on.
I get that his personality rubbed some people wrong but he has had to humble himself in the last few seasons. I also know he is far from being at his best. Still with a limited amount of quality Qb's to sign, he has proven that he is better than anyone else available.
Man the browns suck. Texans with a 3rd string rookie and multiple injuries are giving them everything they can handle
We are better than most people think and the Browns did not get up to play us the way they did against the Chiefs. I can understand how that would happen. Six or seven wins is a real possibility for our team. I won't go out on a limb and predict that but I will say it is possible.


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I took the points and dropped a $100 on the Texans…
Gonna go buy a bottle of Garrison Brothers Bourbon tomorrow.
Should have up the ante. :ahhaha: