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Week 17: Remind Them They're the Oilers


2021 Building Block 1 / Go Texans
The key word is I, meaning you.

I would rather build around Burrow (I know he's hurt but I think he will be fine) or especially Herbert. Because they're on their rookie deals and are just as good if not better than DW4.

I wouldn't like them as much if they were in yr 4 and just signed a cap killing 160 million dollar contract.

I don't like Lawrence as much as I like any of those 3 guys. In short, I think the Clemson offense does QBs a disservice when they enter the NFL.
Last I checked, Texas Tech and Oregon haven’t been flooding the NFL with QB’s. A QB’s NFL success is really dependent on the organization they are lucky enough to land with. Clemson’s offense is no different than TT or OR...or CFB in general.


If you read 1 of my posts I said boots.
What a milquetoast response! You do realize a "boot" action gets a QB on the move and outside of the pocket, right? Let's drive the stake right through your heart once and for all.

Mahomes has quickly become exhibit A when coaches talk about the value of a QB who can create out of structure. Throws outside the pocket have been on the rise across the league in recent years, including plays that are explicitly designed to put the QB on the move. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has even said that scheming movement for his quarterback is what makes his offense go.
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