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Week 16 - Visiting the Bucs


Go Texans!!!
It does not matter what we think I'm saying it could be what O'Brien thinks and convinces Mcnair. We know HC says that he has not opened up his entire Playbook. Suggests to me he does not think Watson can handle.
If I were McNair (Cal) and OB came into my office and tried to deflect blame by saying he hasn't had a chance to own his entire playbook.......I'd hold my hand up and simply state, listen here ducker, you're 6 years in and 3 years in with Watson.....where in the hail is the problem? Don't shove your shite off on Watson, you were supposed to be some kind of QB messiah when you walked your arse through these doors......instead you've been running a QB turnstile trying to find someone who could actually execute your damned cherished gameplan. After "x" amount of QB's......shouldn't it be time that we look at the common denominator?